Want to catch a "Grander"?

This year is leaving no doubt as to where the best place in the world is to catch a "Grander"A grander is the catch of a lifetime, a behemoth of a fish, and apex predator of the Pacific ocean, a Pacific Blue Marlin. Yes, there are other exotic destinations that would give you a fair chance also. But you need to take several plane rides, get a passport, get vaccinations, and you might not have a better chance than here, Kona, Big Island of Hawaii, good old US of A.So far the State of Hawaii is having one of the best years ever. Today, the Northern Lights, with captain Kevin Nakamaru caught the state's 6th grander of the year!! It weighed an incredible 1075 Lbs!! It was caught trolling, outside Kaloko, on the 1000 fathom line, on a Koya Tube. A lure made by our good friend Eric Koyanagi. To make this catch even sweeter, Kevin is one of the captains participating in the annual TART Blue Marlin tournament. The TART was featured on national TV last year, and we are hoping that again this year we are going to see the 5 captains competing and having fun with the world watching them and Kona.Our own Captain, Kai Hoover, got his grander last year, while working with Captain David Unger, aboard the Nasty Habit, an incredible 1211 Lbs!! Here we have compiled a list of the 6 Blue Marlins that weigh 1000 Lbs or more this year in Hawaii. 1. February 18, 2015. Captain McGrew Rice and deck hand (also a Captain) Carlton Arai, aboard the Ihu Nui catch the first grander of the year. It tipped the scale at 1058 Lbs!! It was caught right outside the Red Hill area, on a Koya Poi dog. 2. February 25, 2015. We now have to go to the island of Maui, where the Jun Ken Po is based out of Lahaina harbor. The 1058 Lbs (Yes, same weight as McGrews!) was caught outside the Island of Lanai. This time they were trolling a Moldcraft purple soft head lure, one of the most widely use lures around the world. 3. May 26, 2015. Our good friend Captain Chip Van Mols, one of Kona's legendary captains, aboard his custom made Gamefisherman, caught a giant Blue Marlin that weighed 1226.6 Lbs!! The beast was caught outside Kealakekua Bay, about the 1000 fathom line. This time the lure was made by Aloha Lures, called "Smash Bait" An interesting side note: it was the second grander for Chip on the same exact lure!! I guess the lure found a permanent home on the Luna's spread! 4. July 6, 2015 We now go to the other side of the Big Island, Hilo. Where the "Liberty Dream" a 25 ft Force, a Hawaii made boat, went out to try to catch some Ahi. Yes, they caught Hawaii's fourth grander of the year on hardly a snack for a 1010 Lbs Blue Marlin, a small Tuna Bullet. I guess that elephants eat peanuts!! 5. July 26, 2015 An old friend of the family, Guy Kitioka went fishing with a friend. His own small boat was down for some repairs. They were trying to catch Ahi for a family party. They were aboard the 19 foot long skiff "Dayna" When they reached the "Pens" an aquaculture project out by the 1000 fathom line, between town and Keahou bay, they caught a small skipjack tuna, or as it is know here "Aku". They rigged it and shortly thereafter Hawaii's biggest Blue Marlin of the last 23 years swallowed it. After a 4 1/2 hour fight, Guy called for help to take the fish back to the harbor. An amazing 1368 Lbs glowed when the scale settled down. 6. August 18. 2015 Captain Kevin Nakamaru on his boat the Northern Lights. 1075 Lbs. Hawaii's 6th grander of the year And we still have almost 4 more months of fishing!! Why fish anywhere else? Kona, Honokohau Harbor, capital world of Pacific Blue Marlin Fishing.Give Captain Kai Hoover a call to book your fishing adventure. We are now out of the water for a few weeks. We will be back better than ever with 2 new Cummins QSC to compliment the full dry dock that we did at the beginning of the year, where we did a full top to bottom paint job, new electronics with dual CHIRP Garmin transducers with side-vue capabilities, a new deck and to long of a list to mention everything that we did. Rest assured, the Waiopai is now a top of line hunting machine, with one of the best captains of the fleet, Kai Hoover.Aloha, Captain Emiliano Achaval#Waiopaifishing #Waiopai #Hawaii