Fishing Techniques

Building the web site for our charter business has been a rewarding experience. I decided to build it my self because experience has taught me that it is the best way to keep it fresh and updated. Nobody likes a web site that shows the tournament dates from 2007….  I don't have to call anybody to post the latest news or pictures of the latest catch that showed up late at the scales, I bring out the Mac Book and I do it my self….I’m also doing the marketing my self. It has proven to be even more difficult than building the web site!  Slowly but surely we can see thru google analytics that the site is a success !!  We have visitors from all over the world spending time browsing thru it. We are also doing all the fun Social Media. Facebook has proven to be also a great success. We get a lot of traffic thru clicks from Facebook. I wanted to talk a bit about something that seem to be the most common question on the emails, phone calls and messages. What type of fishing or technique do we do? There is no quick answer to that!  It depends on what the client wants. Do you want try your luck on a world record? Do you just want to catch anything, take a picture to boast back home and or post it on Facebook?  We recently had a client that was staying in a rental house in Kona, sharing it with 2 other families. His request? Anything that could feed them! Size didn't matter… Another one surprised us by telling us that he wanted a big Wahoo. Great! Pressure is off! Off we went to Ono lane and we made him happy by catching a nice Ono! When a client wants to have chance at a big Pacific Blue Marlin, we adapt to what is biting. We match the hatch. Sometimes we might go to the “Grounds” and try our luck with some live bait, dragging a nice lively “Aku” or sip Jack Tuna. We could also try the time proven trolling with a spread of lures. One my favorites options since you cover a lot of ground. If you want to try catching a big Ahi, we can try  “Dropping Stone”, where we dropped a bag with chum and try our luck at different depths where we have seen nice marks on our fish finder….We can also try some live Opelu close to the shore to try catch a Giant Trevally. “Ulua” as they are known locally, can grow in excess of 100 pounds! When they bite hang on to your pole! Captain Hoover also has experienced in Fly Fishing. When he was fishing on the Northern Lights, with Captain Kevin Nakamaru, they recorded some world records with fly fishing.We also do overnight fishing trips. If you are after a Swordfish or some nice Ahi, then overnight is the trip for you.We are next in line and we will be doing a big dry dock job. The Waiopai will look different with a grey hull painting job. We are redoing the bridge and installing all new top of the line electronics. We are redoing the deck and lots of other things. Probably the one that excites me the most is the addition of a brand new “Green Stick” It is yet another great  option to offer our clients. Other than seeing a big Blue bite a lure on the spread, seeing a huge Ahi jump out of the water chasing the jumping squid is one of the most exciting things that you will experience fishing in Kona. When you call us, tell us what you want. Together we will make a plan. Rest assured Captain Hoover will give you the best chance at catching what you want, using whatever technique is biting or the one that you prefer.Till the next time, see you in the water. Aloha