The Tail of two Marlins

A Tail of two Marlins

This is a short story about two amazing catches. Two magnificent Pacific Blue Marlins. Both weighed exactly 555 Lbs.
What are the odds of two incredibles specimens caught fifty years and 5 days apart weighing 555 Lbs each.
The first one was caught by my mother in law, Haku Baldwin, aboard the Waiopai on August 9th 1964. Manduke Baldwin was the skipper.
Haku was an experienced angler, with several world records to her name.
Ask our official local story teller and record keeper of all sorts of fishing techniques and stories , the legendary Jim Rizutto and he will tell you he remembers well Haku and Manduke and their boat The Waiopai.
The picture of Haku and her Marlin says “World Record Claim”. We will have to ask Jim if he remembers that catch…
Fast forward fifty years and five days to August 14, 2014. Aboard the Pacific Blue, soon to be renamed The Waiopai. Captain Emiliano Achaval and his grandson (Haku’s great-grandson), Nic Corbat are out for a day of fishing by themselves… We headed straight out from the harbor. At about the 2000 fathom line we turned down south. We saw some birds and some bait. Our triple nickel hit the long rigger, a malolo bullet made by Kerwin Masunaga, Captain of the Rod Bender.
The initial run left us with less than half of the line in our Shimano 130, down to the dacron for the first time in the summer…. After a long hour fight the beautiful fish was on board and heading to the scales at our home port Honokohau Harbor.
A tail of two fish, 50 years and 5 days apart, both weighing 555 Lbs.
Haku is proud of her great grandson, looking down from the heavens and smiling at seeing the Waiopai cruise the Kona waters again.

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